Nutsedge Control

What is Nutsedge?

...nutsedge is a bright, yellow-green, grass-like weed that detracts from your lawn’s beauty. Also known as nutgrass or watergrass, this vigorous weed produces wide, triangular stalks in threes from a center point at ground level.

Nutsedge is a perennial weed that is hard to get rid of, mainly because it reproduces itself from tubers beneath the soil. These tubers can survive even the coldest of winters. Nutsedge grows quickly in low, wet soil. Left unchecked, it will grow as tall as 2' in height.


They do a great job!! Have had them do our lawn for a few years!!


How do you treat Nutsedge?

Applying a special herbicide to get rid of nutsedge when the plants first appear during the summer but before new tubers form, is very important for long-term control. Chemical controls work by traveling through the plant and eliminating existing tubers. It may take approximately 7 days to begin seeing the nutsedge plant yellow and die out after the lawn application. Sometimes it is necessary to treat more than once per season. Watering and mowing should be avoided for a few days before and after treatment.

Good cultural practices, for example, avoid over-watering and mowing short, can also help discourage nutsedge growth in your lawn. Since this troublesome sedge doesn’t grow well in the shade, mowing higher to keep the soil shaded is recommended. It’s best to mow often enough so that no more than 1/3 of the grass blade needs to be removed at a time.

Note: nutsedge is easy to pull, but please AVOID pulling nutsedge as it will spread/multiply fast by sprouting additional tubers underground.

Here is a link to detailed information on Nutsedge:

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