Crabgrass Control & Fertilizer

How should I treat crabgrass?

The rules of crabgrass control are really very simple. Do nothing, and your lawn stands the chance of being overrun by this clumpy, coarse-textured, all-around unsightly weed. On the other hand, take preventative action and crabgrass can be kept in check.


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Every lawn has crabgrass seeds in the soil, and these seeds are more likely to grow when the turf doesn’t receive adequate care. Regular fertilization, proper mowing, good watering practices, and insect control will all help to maintain a thick lawn that is less likely to be marred by crabgrass.


For even better control, crabgrass pre-emergent herbicides can be applied to your lawn. As the name suggests, pre-emergent herbicides stop crabgrass plants from emerging by inhibiting seed germination in the soil by forming a barrier on top of your soil to prevent germination.

To get the best results from pre-emergents, proper application and timing are essential.

  • Pre-emergent should be on the lawn before crabgrass seeds begin germinating, typically when ground temperatures are 55° for 7+ days.
  • Annual applications are needed for ongoing control.
  • Applying slightly heavier applications along sidewalks, driveways and streets are helpful, since these areas are more susceptible to crabgrass infestation.
  • Rainfall or any precipitation will help activate this crabgrass application.
  • Heavy raking, dethatching, or any other mechanical disruption of the soil is not recommended after the pre-emergents have been put down since this will break up the control zone potentially allowing crabgrass breakthrough.

While it’s true that crabgrass is a formidable and very persistent pest, it can be managed successfully. A proactive combination of good lawn care practices and pre-emergent applications are key. Call Custom Turf today to schedule this pre-emergent application, which is the right step in controlling crabgrass.


Also included with the crabgrass pre-emergent application is a balanced blend of fertilizer containing nitrogen and potassium to improve color and promote a dense turf. This will bring your lawn out of its dormancy from the winter months.

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