We want your lawn to be the ENVY of your neighborhood.

Your Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Service Experts in the Quincy, Illinois area

Lawn Care Experts

Custom Turf Inc. has been treating lawns since 1999. We pride ourselves on several important factors when handling your lawn fertilization and weed control needs, with customer service at the forefront.

Our success comes from taking the hassle out of having a dark green, weed-free lawn, as well as exceeding our client's expectations! We make sure our customer’s lawn stands out for the right reasons: healthy, thick, weed-free turf.

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See what our customers are saying

My yard looks AMAZING this Spring thanks to Custom Turf. I started getting their summer because it was covered in weeds....it is 1000x better! Thanks guys! 


Thank You Custom Turf, Inc. for this beautiful lawn. We LOVE your work!


Custom Turf does an Awesome job!!! My yard looks amazing!!!